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"An Orderly Account" 11/17
_The Dawn of Redemption_ 11_24
_The Messiah Redeemer_ 12_1
"Praise For The Redeemer" Part 1 12/8
_Praise For the Redeemer_ Part 2 12_15
_The Redeemer is Born_ 12_22
_Jesus at The Temple_ Part 1 1_05
_Jesus at The Temple_ Part 2 1_12
"Jesus' Mission in Paradigm" 4/19
"Jesus' Mission in Parable" 4/26/20
"The Messiah's Ministry of Forgiveness" 5/10
"The Character of the New Covenant"- Jim Lehman
The Lord of The Sabbath-Jim Lehman
"Love Your Enemies" Jim Lehman 6/14/20
"Be Merciful" 2020-06-21
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